How To Teach Character Traits In On Simple Lesson

How To Teach Character Traits In On Simple Lesson

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Experience the Magic of Halloween!

The Realm of Halloween is a magical children's book series and doll collection that inspires character-building traits in children.  Realm of Halloween offers these FREE Activity Pages so you and your child can experience the magic of Halloween in your own home.

Halloween Kids from the Realm
Realm of Halloween​​

Activity Pages Explained

Activity pages are printable activities and crafts that pair with the characters in the Realm of Halloween series.   Active Pages are free to use, and make great lessons for parents, grandparents, and even to use as teacher resources.  Color, craft, and learn about character-building while you read and listen along with free video versions of the children's book series from Realm of Halloween. 

Activity Pages from Realm of Halloween
Realm of Halloween​​

A Lesson In Character


In this lesson, the child will learn what internal qualities are, where they come from, and what these internal traits might feel like.  A video version of the children’s book can be used to teach this lesson found at the link below.  You can also download a PDF copy of this lesson for FREE below. 

Activity Pages from Realm of Halloween
Realm of Halloween​​

Supplies You Will Need

  • White Cardstock

  • Scissors

  • Crayons or colored pencils

  • Glue

  • Brass paper fasteners

  • Velcro adhesive dots, or magnets

Activity Pages from Realm of Halloween
Realm of Halloween​​

Instructions for the Activity

  1. Read Pumpkin Spice aloud, or watch the Pumpkin Spice Online Video Version (See Video Link Below).
  2. Print out Pumpkin Spice body and clothing on white card stock.
  3. Color Pumpkin Spice's body and clothing. Then cut the body and clothes out.
  4. Finally, glue the leaf to the head, and the heart vest to the chest. Only apply glue around the edges as shown, forming a pocket.
Activity Pages from Realm of Halloween
Realm of Halloween​​

A Few More Steps...

5. Attach the legs and arms using brass paper fasteners.

6. Then, on your "Character Word Sheet" color the word blocks, and cut them out.

7. Now it is time to discuss the character traits listed on the word blocks. First, ask the question, " What is an internal quality or character trait?" Then, explain how our internal qualities and character traits can "shine" from the inside out.

8. Now discuss the meaning of each quality/character trait word block. As you discuss what each quality means, drop the words inside of Pumpkin Spice. Use the blank word blocks to add additional qualities.

9. Give examples of times when you have felt these qualities, and what it the qualities might feel like. Use the "Helpful Definitions" section to further explain these character traits.

10. Finally, Apply velcro circles to the body and the back of the clothing. Then, put the clothing on Pumpkin Spice.

11. Finish the lesson by reiterating that these feelings come from the inside, but when we feel them, others can also "see" them on the outside.

Activity Pages from Realm of Halloween
Realm of Halloween​​

Additional Instruction Resources and Opportunities:

  • Come up with your own internal qualities that you want to teach. Write the character traits on the blank word blocks, and add them to the "inside" of Pumpkin Spice.
  • Save your Pumpkin Spice Body for Pumpkin Spice Activity Page 2 on textures, as well as the Grand Finale Lesson.
  • To Watch the Free Video Book Version of Pumpkin Spice, scroll down and click on the link below. 
  • To Download this lesson, click the button.

Activity Pages Halloween Character traits lesson Pumpkin Spice
Realm of Halloween​​

Helpful Character Definitions

  • Quality: a distinguishing internal characteristic possessed by someone
  • Characteristic: a special feature belonging to a person that helps to identify them
  • Resilient:  a person who is able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations
  • Fortitude: courage in pain or through adversity
  • Discipline: the ability to train oneself to do something in a controlled or habitual way
  • Honorable: the act of being honest, ethical, principled, moral, or righteous. 
  • Bold:  showing the ability to take risks in difficult situations
  • Proud: showing consciousness or satisfaction for effort achieved.


To watch the free video versions of the Realm of Halloween Book series, just click on the "Watch Now" buttons below.   We provide these free video books as a resource for you and you and your children.  

Don't see the video version for the character your searching for?   Don't worry...Keep checking back.  We are continually posting and updating our videos, as well as adding new characters to the collection each year. 

Watch Video Book NOW!

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is a story about discovering the confidence within each one of us to become who we were always meant to be.  In The Realm of Halloween, Pumpkin Spice is a member of the Clan of Pumpkin Heads, where she takes her natural place—tilling and growing pumpkins from moonlight pulled down from the clouds. However, her true love is baking pumpkin pie.  With assistance from field mice from her pumpkin patch, these little friends sew Pumpkin Spice more than a gown that is fit for a queen. Pumpkin Spice is given the gift of confidence.  As you read this whimsical Halloween tale, you will discover that the gift of confidence is all we need, because we are already royal!

Pumpkin Spice
Realm of Halloween​​

In the Realm of Halloween the light always shines the brightest against the contrast of the dark.  Each character in the series has a theme and an overcoming where they discover their own light within!  Enjoy taking this journey with us through the Realm of Halloween where you can watch these video books for free.   

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