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Dearest Realm Fans,

      You ask, “Who am I?" as I see the image of Derek Zoolander in my mind, staring into a puddle. So, who am I? Sadly, there is just not enough paper to write the answer to that question. I am too long-winded! Hopefully now, at least, you can guess my age and taste in movies.

To put it simply, I'm a stay-at-home mom who got a little too caught up in blogging, crafting, and sewing, and eventually found myself in the Realm of Halloween! If you visit my website,, you will discover that I love to create—it is a passion! I can not explain in words how fulfilling it is to me to turn a little bit of nothing into something—and that is where you find me now, building an entire Realm filled with characters in and out of my real life!

I have many other passions and hobbies outside of the Realm of Halloween, but essentially I live by the motto, "What can I do with what God has given me?" and I never throw anything out! It is a blessing and a curse to live this way because I end up working harder than I ever could have imagined to create something beautiful out of something I could have thrown out a long time ago—and that very message, in essence, is the message God gave me! I love the work, and I love the creation because the creation becomes nothing without the work—both things work hand-in-hand to bring life. I finally get it!

I hope the Realm of Halloween series brings the same magic into your home that creating it has brought into mine!

Be the light!


Jenny, A.K.A.

Have you ever wondered if you're teaching your children what they need to know to grow and thrive in the world?  Do you need help sharing the kinds of messages that help them discover their inner gifts?   Are you a grandparent who is wanting to build lasting memories and traditions that your grandkids will remember?  Do you want to tell a story to a child in your life that inspires magic in THEM and YOU? Well, you've come to the right place!

Enter the Realm of Halloween, where there is always a moral to the story, and where the journey is the treasure!   Discover magical characters that expose their own inner-light when they have the courage to take a journey through the Realm of Halloween.  

Witch dolls children's book

Teach beautiful messages that will last a lifetime!  If you love the season of Halloween, the smell of fall spices coming from the kitchen, or the crisp, cool autumn leaves that make up the entire fall season, then make this a special tradition and gift in the life of a child you want to inspire!  Celebrate the Realm of Halloween all year long!  

Help inspire your child to discover the confidence to share their talents, like Pumpkin Spice, or the strength to be good, like the little witch, Alora.  As they journey through the Realm of Halloween, show them that Elouise's heart of gold is obtained when we discover that those we love and have lost are never far from us.   Take heart, and enter the Realm of Halloween--a place where the light of the Halloween moon shines the brightest against the contrast of the dark sky!  

Our doll and book collection inspires magic in the life of children and adults!  You don't have to be a child to enter the Realm of Halloween!  You just have to become like a child, and believe that you can go there!  Enter the Realm of Halloween! You don't have to wait.  You can go there now!



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