Are you creating beautiful traditions for this generation and the next?

They are only little once!

Create magic while you can.

Will you be the one to help them see the light in the dark?

Are you letting the moment pass you by, or will YOU be the giver of the message?

  • A Chosen Message

    Your child. Your tradition. Your experience. You are the the giver of the message!

  • A Cherished Keepsake

    Luxury, heirloom character box and book sets themed with beautiful messages.

  • A Treasured Bond

    Create magical memories with parent-child play experiences for this generation!


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  • 2. Explore the Messages

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You Are The Light

Other themes in the story:

  • We Are All Born With the light
  • Finding Inner Goodness
  • Perspective is Gained in the Contrast of Light and Dark
  • Good Can Come Out of Hard Things
  • Self-Discovery


You Are Already Royal

Other themes in the story:

  • Confidence
  •  Authenticity
  •  Self-worth
  •  Discovering Talents and Abilities
  •  Courage to Step into the Spotlight


The Journey Is The Treasure

Other themes in the story:

  • Love is Never Lost
  • Courage, Hope, & Enduring Love
  • Memories Are Forever in the Heart
  • Those We Have Lost Are Never Far From Us
  • Over-coming Fears


Words Have Power, Wear the Word

Other themes in the story:

  • Bravery Before the Bully
  • Believe and Be It
  • Trusting Words of Loving Parents
  • Unveiling the Hero Within
  • Building Self-confidence




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The Queens of Halloween

The Dark Heroes


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You are the Light!

Have you ever wondered if you're teaching your child all they need to know in the world? Do want to create memories that will last a lifetime during the season of magic? They are only little once. Now is the time!

Celebrate the tradition of Halloween in a new, more beautiful way with Realm of Halloween. Each character in the Realm of Halloween has a theme and an overcoming where they discover their own light within.

In the Realm of Halloween, the light always shines the brightest against the contrast of the dark. Will you help them see the light in the dark? Will you be their guide? Show your child how much you care by creating memories and traditions that will carry on through this generation and the next.

Experience the magic of Halloween when you open every Realm of Halloween box. Choose a character, explore their message, and experience the entire character collection this season! Give the gift of magic by creating a new tradition with the Realm of Halloween heirloom doll, character book and box sets.