What started out as a project by a busy stay-at-home mom in her basement, eventually turned into something really beautiful.  

Jenny, also known as The Everything Housewife, wrote and illustrated the Realm of Halloween series for her own children, and as an avid sewer, also designed and added handmade dolls to the Realm of Halloween collection so that her children could experience the moral messaging of the characters through a more magical play experience.

The Realm of Halloween series has blossomed into a magical collection for Parents and Grandparents everywhere so that they too can inspire their children and grandchildren to look deep inside and discover their own light within by creating memories, building traditions, and discovering that there is always a moral to the story of that beautiful thing we call life!


Your doll was made by women and mothers who sew for a profession in Guatemala. These women, also make "Angel Gowns" that are donated to hospitals and given to parents so that they can dress their deceased newborn before burial. In addition to this honorable work, they also make many other goods that allow them to provide for their families while also earning the means to sustain the sewing room in which they work. You can purchase more handmade goods from these women on their Etsy site, GuatemalanJoy!


This small, yet talented sewing operation was started by two women from Utah on a humanitarian mission. Their love for sewing and for the women in this small town has given them the opportunity to teach these Guatemalan women how to become some of the most skilled seamstresses in their community. Realm of Halloween is honored to work with an amazing humanitarian organization that supports women and mothers. A portion of the proceeds from each Realm Doll sold will be donated back to this same humanitarian organization to further their noble cause. Their mission, just as their namesake, is joy!

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