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In this activity, the child will learn how to contrast light and dark in a visual and emotional way.

Supplies Needed:

  • White Card stock
  • White Crayon
  • Crayons In Assorted Colors
  • Water Colors in black, blue, purple, etc.
  • Paint Brush
  • Cup with water
  • Zip-Lock Bag

In the Realm of Halloween, The Light Always Shines the Brightest against the contrast of the dark.

Instructions for the Activity:

  • Read "Alora, The Birth of A Good Witch aloud, or watch the Online Video Version. Print out "Alora's Castle Against a Starry Sky" light grey ink version.
  • Discuss tangible ways light becomes more visible against the contrast of the dark. Below are some examples.
    • Use a flashlight in a lighted room. Then turn off the light, Contrast how bright the flashlight appears in a dark room. Explain that the amount of light coming from the flashlight is still the same amount, it just appears brighter in the dark room.
    • Explain that the moon can also be seen during the daylight, however, the moon appears more visible and brighter at night. Compare and contrast the moon's brightness during the day and night. Discuss how the light always shines brighter against the contrast of the dark in these instances.

Color and Print out the Emotions Word Blocks.

Place the emotion word blocks in a zip lock bag, and allow the children to draw the words out of the bag. Discuss each emotion word as it is removed from the bag. Also, discuss each emotion's likely opposite.

Now that the children have learned how to contrast tangible light and dark in both a visual and emotional way, Further explain that contrast is helpful, because it gives perspective and balance. With contrast, we can have more understanding for ourselves and others when we have experienced both sides of the emotions. Futhermore, we can appreciate good feelings so much more when we understand their opposite.

Alora Starry Sky Watercolor Activity Page Instructions:

a. Outline all the lines of the stars, moon, castle, and ghosts in white crayon.

b.. Then, using watercolors, starting at the top of the page with dark shades like

black, blue, and purple. work your way down to the bottom of the page creating a

ombre watercolor effect. Notice the contrast of the white crayon against the ombre-

colored sky. Encourage creativity by adding lighter colors at the bottom of the

page such as pinks and yellows.

Don't have time for watercolor?

a. Have the children color the black and white version of Alora's castle against the

starry sky, Emphasizing using contrasting colors in their art.

Discuss the colors of the words. Explain that colors can help describe emotions and feelings? How do the colors correspond to the emotions on the word blocks?

Helpful Definitions:

Contrast: to compare two things in order to show how they are unlike or different than one another.

Perspective: point of view, or something that can be contrasted against something else to give it proportion or relativity of importance.

Balance: taking everything into account to fairly judge a situation.


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